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20 Apr 1894

Undress Uniform adopted and worn by Company sergeants, bugle and pioneer sgts. Second uniform

photo Marching Order Undress 1901-1914; Review order 1920-1839, 1945-1956

21 Apr 1892

1st Public Parade by regiment before 50,000 of Toronto's 200,000 population

PM Robert Ireland led; Bands of QOR and 10th Royal Grenadiers support

21 Apr 1917

Battle Honour, Scarpe 1917, 1918. 1917 part of battle of Arras. 9 April - 4 May.

Also 26 to 30 August 1918 as part of 100 Days offensive. Hindenburg Line.

22 Apr 2011

Memorial for Observatory Ridge - Mont Sorrel commemorated in City of Ypres.

22 Apr 2015German forces shock Allied soldiers along the western front by firing more than 150 tons of lethal chlorine gas against two French colonial divisions at Ypres, Belgium. This was the first major gas attack by the Germans, and it devastated the Allied line.
23 Apr 2011

Memorial for Festubert commemorated in the Town of Festubert France.

23 Apr 2011

Pipes and Drums perform at Virginia International Tattoo from April 23 to May 2

24 Apr 1892

1st Church Parade to St. Andrew's Church

Original church location predating King and Simcoe Street location

24 Apr 1893

Military Band makes first parade, joining Regiment at Annual Church Parade

John Griffin from Kneller Hall selected as 1st Bandmaster for 3 year term.

24 Apr 1915

Battle Honour, Gravenstafel. Part of gas attack of 2nd Ypres. 1, 3 and 4 Coys plus Bn HQ at centre.

22 - 24 April

24 Apr 1915

Battle Honour, St. Julien. # 2 Coy and 3 Brigade at hinge of attack, St. Julien.

Covers 24 to 25 April and 5 May

24 Apr 1974

First meeting of Pipes & Drums Association held.

Formation committee - Lt Col Cam Fraser, P/M Archie Dewar, P/M Ross Stewart

24 Apr 2010

Memorial Plaque to 15th Bn dedicated in St. George's Memorial Chapel the centre of Ypres.

15th Memorial Project Team lead ceremonies. Location just behind the Cloth Hall.

24 Apr 2010

The Gravenstafel Ridge Memorial opening ceremony held in morning near Locality C on the ridge

15th Memorial Project Team lead ceremonies.

24 Apr 2010

The St. Julien Memorial opening ceremony held in afternoon at Community Centre in St. Julien

15th Memorial Project Team lead ceremonies.

24 Apr 2015

Parade to 48th Monument by 48th, QOR, RRofC, GGHG to commemorate 100 years since 2nd Ypres.

Sunset Memorial Ceremony, "St Julien Day Commemoration"

25 Apr 1915

212 answer roll the morning after gas attack at Ypres, only 150 from rifle coys and 3 officers

25 Apr 1945

48th and Canadians in Holland go out of action until end of war.

Battalion in Stroe.

26 Apr 1945

Memorial Service for fallen Highlanders held on dyke at Wilp. Padre Rapson conducts service.

Dutch promise to care for graves in perpetuity and children would place flowers.

26 Apr 2010

The Crow's Nest Memorial opening ceremony in Hendicourt, just south of Arras.

15th Memorial Project Team lead ceremonies.