48th in Inverness Scotland
48th Book of Remembrance
1915-04-20 map

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08 Aug 1918

Bar to MC to Lt George Chisholm under MG fire, dressed wounds of men, led pl and consolidated

08 Aug 1918

Battle Honour, Amiens. 3rd Bde at point of wedge, tanks and mobility tactics. 5000 m advance.

Continued 8 - 11 Aug. Cdn advance 23 km. On Regimental Colour

08 Aug 1918

MM to Cpl John Simpson for leading bomb and bayonet attack of section against German post

8, 9 August attacks at Gentelles and Caixx, SE of Amiens

08 Aug 1918

MM to Cpl Robert Binnie for leading section under heavy artillery and MG fire, setting example

German positions east of Gentelles, SE of Amiens

08 Aug 1918

MM to Pte James Harrison in charge of Lewis Gun, forcing enemy down for successful section attack

Multiple enemy posts in succession; E of Gentelles, SE of Amiens

08 Aug 1918

MM to Pte James Mitchell as stretcher bearer for dressing wounded under heavy MG and rifle fire

Also named or Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 and Passchendaele; E of Gentelles, SE of Amiens

08 Aug 1918

MM to Pte John Gordon as runner for company under fire and during advance

East of Gentelles, SE of Amiens; 2nd MM, first at Passchendaele Nov 1917

08 Aug 1918

MM to Pte Wilfred Black for actions as runner between companies as OC company under fire

Also named for Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 and Passchendaele

08 Aug 1918

MM to Sgt William Galloway for recce under fire of German strong points at Gentelles, SE of Amiens

Also at Ypres in June 1916 and wounded on Hill 70 in August 1917

09 Aug 1917

Day 2 at Amiens. Advance into Luce Valley. Colonel Bent wounded. Capt. W Maybin assumes command

09 Aug 2013

Pipes and Drums perform On Parliament Hill in the "Fortissimo" show, 9 - 11 August.

10 Aug 2012

LCol Alan Best and RSM (WOI) Ray Joseph have audience with Her Majesty

12 Aug 2005

Pipes & Drums perform at Fergus Scottish Festival Tattoo

14 Aug 1914

Canada Declares War

14 Aug 2004

48th Pipes & Drums perform at the International Marine Tattoo in Rochester, New York

14 & 14 August