This week in history

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24 Sep 2012

Memorial for Canal du Nord commemorated in Marquion.

25 Sep 1945

1st Battalion, 48th Highlanders board Dutch luxury liner Nieuw Amsterdam in Dover for trip home.

25 Sep 2013

Memorial erected at Corceletter commemorating Thiepval Ridge (Regina Trench) , 26 Sept 1916

26 Sep 1916

Battle Honour, Somme 1916. Goal to prevent German transfer of troops to Russian front.

1 km penetration. On Regmental Colour. 1 July - 18 November.

26 Sep 1916

Battle Honour, Thiepval. 26 to 28 September as part of Somme offensive.

26 Sep 2013

Memorial erected at Warvillers, France commemorating Amiens, 8 - 9 August 1918

27 Sep 1918

Battle Honour, Canal du Nord. Leap frog assault. Many independant actions. All objectives achieved…..

On Regimental Colour. Ink sketch of MG team by Lt. Jack F. Banton

27 Sep 1918

DCM to LCpl David McGregor for rushing enemy with his Lewis gun, capturing 50

Canal du Nord Line

27 Sep 1918

MM to Pte Alfred Harrison for taking over command of Lewis Gun section and pressing forward

Under fire, plus taking enemy MGs and prisoners; E of Gentelles, SE of Amiens

27 Sep 2004

Group of 27 WWII veterans and partners, depart for 2 week tour of 7 northern Italy battlefields

Tom Thompson and HLCol Geordie Beal organized and led.

28 Sep 2013

Memorial Plaque for Regina Trench (Battle of the Somme) dedicated.

29 Sep 1984

Stained glass window installed in Chapel in Sunnybrook medical centre. Dedicated 29 October

Highlander in full dress under profile of the Queen and above 48th Crest.

29 Sep 2013

Memorial Plaque for The Battle of Amiens dedicated