April 24, 2022: The 107th Anniversary of 2nd Ypres

15th Bn Cap Badge

On April 22, 1915 the German 26th Reserve Corps launched the opening attack of the battle of 2nd Ypres  against the French 87th Territorial and 45th Algerian Divisions on the immediate left flank of the 1st Canadian Division. The assault was preceded by the first mass use of poison gas in modern warfare and the […]

Happy Birthday to our Colonel-in-Chief

Photo of HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Born: 21 April 1926 • Age 96 ~ Colonel-in-Chief: 48th Highlanders of Canada as HRH Princess Elizabeth 01 December 1947 and continuing from Accession Day 6 February 1952 as HM Queen Elizabeth II to present.* ~ Coronation Day: 2 June 1953 – crowned Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ~ Accession Day 2022: 6 February 2022 […]