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GREETINGS HIGHLANDERS – SERVING SOLDIERS, FORMER SERVING MEMBERS AND MEMBERS OF OUR EXTENDED REGIMENTAL FAMILY Our Regimental web site contains a growing wealth of information about the Regiment’s current exercises and activities, and our remarkable and rich history.   We are pleased to announce that Kim Beattie’s Regimental history books are now available online at […]

48th Highlanders of Canada – Veterans Services Team – Blog #3 – June 2022

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By: Sgt Al Kowalenko, OMC (Retd), 48th Veterans Services Coordinator   Greetings to our 48th Highlanders veterans of all eras, Active Battalion members and our Regimental Family members. Summer will be officially with us in the next few weeks and we would like to update you on two important veterans’ parades that will take place […]

106th Anniversary of Observatory ridge-Mount Sorrel

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June 3-20, 1916: The 15th Battalion Fallen In the early morning of June 3rd 1916 the 14th and 15th Battalions of the 1st Division’s 3rd Infantry Brigade were preparing to conduct the Canadian Corp’s first counterattack of the war in an attempt to recapture ground taken by the Germans the day before when they attacked […]

MAY 2022: 107th Anniversary of the battle of Festubert

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Following the chlorine gas attack and heavy defensive fighting in the Ypres salient in April 1915, the depleted Battalions of the 1stCanadian Division – including the 15th Battalion – were pulled out of the line, reinforced and on May 3rd moved to France south of Armentieres. On May 9th, as part of the plan to […]

48th Museum Announcement

We are thrilled to officially launch our new website 48TH HIGHLANDERS MUSEUM ONLINE Check it out! Be fascinated and informed about our artifacts and Highlanders from 1891 to today. Explore over 6,000 artifacts Learn about over 7,500 Highlanders who served including all those who died in the service of Canada With your help this will […]

Building our Association

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Fellow Highlanders, Supporters and Friends, As part of our ongoing efforts to build the Regimental Association, we have now consolidated all our mailing lists and added them to our web site. Everyone who is registered on the web site will have the following benefits: 1. You will receive your copy of the Falcon magazine as […]

From your Regimental Association Interim Executive Committee…

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Fellow Highlanders and friends of the Regiment,  Happy New Year to you all, and best wishes for a better year ahead and a time when we can meet in person once again soon. As we head into 2022, I thought I would share some information with you and provide you with an update on the […]

Message from the Padre – #4

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A number of years ago at the annual regimental dinner in December, MWO Mark McVety CD (Ret’d) gave a talk to the newest members of the unit about where and how the regiment had passed Christmas during the long years of the First and Second World Wars.   It was a lot to take in, […]

48th Highlanders of Canada – Veterans Services Team – Blog #2 – December, 2021

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By: Sgt Al Kowalenko, OMC (Retd), 48th Veterans Services Coordinator   Greetings to our 48th Veterans, Active Battalion Members, and Regimental Family: As a follow-up to our 48th Veterans Services blog of March, 2021, we are now providing a current update on “Veterans Affairs Canada” (VAC), including information on its structure and access to their […]

November 1917: 15th Battalion Fallen & the 104th anniversary of Passchendaele

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Like the Somme in 1916, the offensive at Passchendaele was launched to relieve pressure on the French Army. Operationally, 1917 was a heavy year for the 15th Battalion. The unit had been a first wave assault battalion at Vimy ridge in April and during the intense fighting at Hill 70 in August. When the Canadian […]